Thursday, July 28, 2005

Battlefield or street, this symbol deserves respect (Fayette County Review)

What symbol do you feel best represents the United States of America? The bald eagle? The Statue of Liberty? The White House? Uncle Sam? Mount Rushmore? Most people probably would choose the U.S. flag. more...

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Charges filed against teen in eagle-killing case (

A 17-year-old suspect in the April 2004 shooting and hatchet mutilation of two bald eagles was formally charged Wednesday after a preliminary hearing in Muskegon County Family Court. more...

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Wright brothers place in Fargo (Lock Haven Express)

FARGO, N.D. Bald Eagle Area brother tandem of Landis and Quentin Wright became ASICS USA Wrestling All-Americans Monday and Tuesday night in Greco Roman at the Fargo Dome on the campus of North Dakota State University. more...

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Huron Daily Tribune - News - 07/28/2005 - THE EAGLE HAS LANDED (Huron Daily Tribune)

HARBOR BEACH — Wagener County Park manager Julie Arndt was able to snap a couple of shots of a pair of bald eagles at around 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday. She was nice enough to send them to the Tribune via e-mail. more...

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An Alaska bachelor party: just for the halibut (The Charlotte Observer)

The lines came out of the water, captain's orders, and as the boat sped away from the second spot of the night, I started to worry. We had seen all sorts of wildlife on this trip: a bear running across a road, a moose standing by the side of a river, bald eagles sitting on tops of trees, seals looking for lunch, humpback whales jumping out of the sea, orcas swimming in formation. We had caught more...

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Younger Wright undefeated in freestyle (Centre Daily Times)

FARGO, N. D. -- Bald Eagle's Quentin Wright was a third-place finisher in the ASCICS Cadet Division Greco-Roman National Championships which finished Tuesday. more...

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Bald Knob seeks new K-9 (The Searcy Daily Citizen)

He may have been a dog, but K-9 cop, Dr. Jekyll, spent four years of his short life slowing the flow of drugs in Bald Knob. Following Dr. Jekyll's death last week, narcotics officer and dog trainer Brandon Wilson said he is at a disadvantage without a canine's nose on his side. more...

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